Internet Trends

With the fast pace the network is growing and evolving, we admit it could be a bit presumptuous to try and cram the biggest trends of into one post. However, the public and everyone with a business they have online should be made aware of a few things to keep a lookout for, and we’re not talking about Quinnbet coupon code.


News agencies and reports are a bit slow for modern times. When something happens, you are more likely to find out about it on social media first. With the newspapers getting printed daily or weekly and news channels bringing you updates on the hour only in crises, this is where social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others get to shine.

A bit of a personal account, it was through 9gag that several of my friends learned about the disagreement between Sony and Disney, resulting in Spiderman leaving the Marvel Universe. Social media also focus on different things and their priorities are different from those of traditional media, so we have quick access to a wider variety of info.


It started as a joke, then it became a joke, and, finally, someone made it into a joke. Meme originally meant an idea or a piece of culture that we share. Nowadays, memes are a quick way to express ourselves in a humorous manner, all the while posting relatable content in a medium that is easy to follow and pay attention to in the ever-flowing oceans of data.

Memes have become a way for us to communicate, as it is easier to express your frustration with a picture of Squidward and a short text describing the frustrating situation than engaging others in lengthy discussions.


We’ve come to a point where household appliances and machines are communicating with each other at unbelievable speed to give is the comfort we desire and to keep things running smoothly. Smart devices can be connected to each other for the ultimate convenience.


The Internet has allowed all kinds of industries to hire people from all over the world. This has led to rapid development, especially in countries where the employment rate is too low for comfort. The global market has created new kinds of jobs, including those that don’t need formal education. Employment and business opportunities are limited only by your finances and patience.

Additionally, it has become so much easier to troubleshoot work problems or learn new skills. That is why so many people work on themselves and improve their skills without the need or goal of getting a certificate. The employers online are more interested in your skills than your titles.

Lax About Info

Your aunt started oversharing again. However, even if she didn’t, so many companies have so much data on us that we hardly even need a personal ID or a social security number. A lot of our personal information is online and we are not too careful about who gets to see it and use it. There are a few pieces of legislation that were meant to put this under control, but your best bet is to put as little of yourself online as possible.