Interacting with Your Clients on Your Site

Attracting people to your website or product is very important – we always click on those things that seem more interesting to us, or more valuable. For example, we are going to like an online casino much more if there are benefits such as bonus codes or even bonus code reviews, such as Rizk Bonus Codes 2021 Review. However, you shouldn’t stop with the work once you get visitors to your site. Interacting with customers and clients is a big part of keeping your base stable and growing.

So, you’ve set everything up, loaded the themes, found awesome photos that promote your ideas, business, and so on, and now you only have to wait for the customers. How do you interact with them on your website?

Integrate Platforms

First of all, your clients have to have a way of addressing you and your business. The best way to do that is to integrate the comment section of your preferred social media platform. There is no need to go overboard – the best course of action is to use a single platform to keep things clean. Personally, I’m a big fan of Disqus, while some of my friends prefer Facebook comments, as they show whether the commenter is a real person or not. Alternatively, you could come up with your own chat and allow users to use social media to log in.

Respond Promptly and Respectfully

Someone is not happy with your product or service? That happens to everyone. However, to maintain your image and your brand, you should respond to comments and critics in a timely and respectful, if not accommodating manner.

For example, if a user is saying that your software doesn’t work, express regret in your response that the issue took place and ask them to message you privately with the details of their problem. If they use colorful language, ask them politely to refrain from doing so. If they are praising you, take some time to express gratitude.

One more thing regarding negative comments: do not delete them unless there is hate speech and/or swearing involved. No one likes a critic, but it looks bad when you are trying to silence one. Refunds and additional services are a part of the game.

Social Media

Allow your users to share posts and news from your site if they find them interesting. Be active on your social media platforms and use them to promote special events and great deals. If you think you will generate buzz for yourself by commenting on a controversial issue as a business, you might be right, but that comes at a cost, so it’s best to avoid doing so. As before, respond to questions and comments as often as you can and always be respectful. Avoid spamming!


Do you want to draw in new customers? Special deal! How about rewarding regular users? Special deal! Every customer or client is important for your business. That’s why it is essential for you to stay on their radar. To do this without spamming, organize special events and deals, which, as stated before, you will promote via social media and your own site.