Future Programming Languages

If you wanted to learn now to code, taking up Pascal or Basic now would be beyond bizarre and obsolete, don’t you think? Therefore, it may be too late to try and master some of the languages used widely today, and focus your attention on languages that are yet to become the standard or web and software development.


Swift is a young language at the time of writing this piece and is a pretty big deal in the Apple community. Originally envisioned as the replacement of Object-C, it outgrew its shell, went open-source and is gaining traction. It’s protocol-oriented, object-oriented, imperative, and block structured. 2019 has welcomed Swift 5, which is source compatible with Swift 4. While not a guarantee of anything, it could mean that the future versions of the language are going to retain some level of compatibility with the older ones, so it is safe to start learning it.


Apple came up with Swift, while Android gave way to Kotlin. Kotlin has similar syntax to Swift, so if you’re learning one, might as well learn the other. It is slowly becoming more important in Android app development, and its ability to operate with Java could slowly remove Java from the board.


Elm is used to build interfaces on the web. People sometimes use it with JavaScript, though it is clearly superior to it. It has a really efficient compiler that will let you know if there are any errors to watch out for. The format of the code follows the community standard, so there are no more situations where you are looking at someone else’s code and aren’t sure what’s going on.


This is a language that was supposed to have syntax similar to Ruby. It uses macros so the time to compile the code is not obscenely long. Due to the nature of the language, the code is usually very easily read and understood.


Go comes from Google and it is efficient of running several calculations or complex programs. It is, currently, one of the most profitable languages out there, thought the language is complex enough to be used in blockchain technology.

What Is the Best Language?

There isn’t one. This is due to the fact that people are always trying to find more efficient ways to code, as well as going for different goals. All development isn’t the same as web-development or design. There are so many nuances that, in order to keep up with the times, the learners have to keep evolving and stay up to date on the newest changes.