Sports video games aren’t as popular as other games such as RPGs and definitely MOBAs and battle royale games. Today, multiplayer games take up most of the video game market share, though some single-player games are still around, winning awards and titles. Sports games are on the back foot andContinue Reading

Imagine your life without internet and mobile access, where you couldn’t access a casino lab bonus code whenever you want. Sure, it’s possible, but at his stage is just inconvenient. Work, internet, and all kinds of data are integrated into this phenomenon so firmly, that it is hard to believeContinue Reading

The gambling market has evolved with the existence of the internet. Globalization, economy, and politics have all had to adjust to the new age. In this piece, we will focus on how online gambling affects the economy. The Risk and Legislation As more and more people turn to online gamingContinue Reading

Social media are more involved with our entertainment and expressing our views than the traditional means. People have found a way of starting and promoting their businesses online, with some choosing to focus on getting attention whatever the cost. More importantly, they are a way for us to connect, shareContinue Reading

With the fast pace the network is growing and evolving, we admit it could be a bit presumptuous to try and cram the biggest trends of into one post. However, the public and everyone with a business they have online should be made aware of a few things to keepContinue Reading

There is a significant number of people whose actions, attitudes, and opinions affect the general public. We are not talking about the so-called influencers, but celebrities, politicians, actors, and scientists that shape the way we feel about the world. Here are some of the most influential people on the planetContinue Reading