Create a webpage with live pictures or video from your webcam. TinCam can upload pictures to your webserver, or serve them directly from your own computer.


TinCam supports multiple cameras.


If you don't want to build the webcam page yourself, TinCam can create and upload a webpage that displays your webcam pictures or video stream. You can write text on the page, change colors and add a background picture.


TinCam can insert a caption on the webcam pictures. Captions can contain time and date, and can be loaded from an external textfile.


Add a logo or a semi-transparent watermark to your webcam pictures.


Capture a webcam picture at a fixed interval, using motion detection or schedule.


Schedule a capture every hour, day or week.


TinCam can upload your webcam pictures with FTP, or it can open a HTTP server. It can also simply save the pictures to a specified folder.


TinCam can stream video and audio. TinCam uses the Windows Media Video format for streaming.


TinCam can keep a history of the latest pictures on your website.


TinCam can monitor your camera and capture a picture when motion is detected.


When a picture is captured TinCam can send an email with or without the picture.


TinCam can start with windows and run in the background.

Online Webcam

Share the view from your window with the world. TinCam can grab images at a regular interval and upload them to your website.

Live Video Streaming

Broadcast live video from your webcam and show it on your website.

Security Camera

Set up your camera to watch your car, pet, coffee machine or anything else that's important to you.

TinCam will send you a mail with a picture if it detects movement in front of the camera.