How video streaming works

When you upload pictures to a webserver, the visitor to your site gets the images from the server together with the rest of your website.

With video streaming, the visitor will get your website (html and graphics and so on) from the webserver, but the he will get the actual video directly from TinCam on your computer.

This means that the video is only available when your computer and TinCam is running. If they are not, the visitor will get a connection error.

It also means that if you connect to the internet via a router, you will have to configure your router to allow incoming requests for the video stream. Otherwise your visitor will get an connection error again.

About TinCam

Development, sale and support of TinCam has ended September 2013.

I developed and sold TinCam partly as a hobby and as a business. But the last few years I haven't made any major updates to the program, my interests have shifted to other places.

TinCam is can still be useful in many cases, and I am leaving it here, free to use. But I do not offer any kind of support for it.


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