Uploading webcam images with FTP

What's FTP?

FTP (file transfer protocol) is a way to upload and download files to and from servers. TinCam can use ftp to upload your webcam images to your webserver, so they can be seen by everone from a browser.

Your webhost

Your webhost is the company that hosts your webserver. The webserver is where put the files that you wan’t to be available to you (and everyone else) from a browser. You use FTP to upload files to your webserver, and people on the web use a browser (http) to get and display the files:

Setting up ftp

To set up FTP upload you need to know a few things about your server:

  1. The host name of your FTP server. Usually it’s something like ftp.somewebhost.com.
  2. Your username and password to the server.
  3. The name of the web folder on your FTP server, where you must put files that you want to be available on the www.
  4. The web address where your files can be accessed from a browser, when they have been uploaded.

If you don’t know these four things, ask your webhost (or take a look at their documentation).

If you don’t know #3, you can log on to your ftp server with a regular ftp program, and take a look around. Usually your web folder is called something like www, htdocs or public_html.

Setting up FTP in TinCam

To setup FTP upload you must:

  1. Enable the 'update website' setting in autocapture, and set what should trigger an upload: timer, schedule og motion detection.
  2. In website settings, enable 'upload to FTP server'
  3. Setup your FTP server name, username, password and upload directory in FTP settings. Use the 'Test settings' button, to let tincam connect to the server, and see if it can upload a file.

If you want tincam to upload an .html webpage, take a look at the webpage page.

Close setup and start autocapture from the Capture menu, and wait for the upload (or select 'Capture now' from the Capture menu, if you're impatient.

If you have your ftp server name, username, password and diretctory correct, you should now be able to see the image on you website at the correct address.

About TinCam

Development, sale and support of TinCam has ended September 2013.

I developed and sold TinCam partly as a hobby and as a business. But the last few years I haven't made any major updates to the program, my interests have shifted to other places.

TinCam is can still be useful in many cases, and I am leaving it here, free to use. But I do not offer any kind of support for it.


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