Cameras and videodevices

Will TinCam work with my camera?

TinCam will work with any webcam or video capture card that has WDM compatible drivers. This is the vast majority video input cards and USB webcams.

Does TinCam support network cameras?

No, TinCam will not work with network cameras.

Does TinCam support wireless cameras?

Wireless cameras use wireless network, so they won't work with TinCam.

Does TinCam support multiple cameras?

Yes, TinCam does not have an upper limit to the number of devices it can use, but you will be limited by a number of other factors:

Your USB controller. Webcams uses a lot of bandwith on the USB controller, so one USB controller will only be able to handle 1 or 2 webcams. So an USB hub with 5 cameras one will not work.

To get around this problem, try to move your webcams to different USB ports on your computer. Your computer might have more than one usb controller. You can also install a USB expansion card, and move some of your cameras to that

Running multiple video devices will require more system ressources. So the devices your want to use, the faster your computer has to be. Using motion detection requires even more system ressources, so this will make the problem worse.

Two identical webcams might appear as one to the system, because you only can install one driver. This might not be the case for all brands, but beware of the problem before you go out and spend a fortune on identical webcams.

About TinCam

Development, sale and support of TinCam has ended September 2013.

I developed and sold TinCam partly as a hobby and as a business. But the last few years I haven't made any major updates to the program, my interests have shifted to other places.

TinCam is can still be useful in many cases, and I am leaving it here, free to use. But I do not offer any kind of support for it.


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